Brew Crew

NightLife Brewing Co. is the brain child of two guys born and raised in Miami, FL. While both founders went to local rival schools, Juan T. O’Naghten went to Belen Jesuit and John Cooper went to Christopher Columbus, both share a unique passion for craft beer. Not only do they love the Craft, but they have a complete appreciation for all that Miami has to offer, especially the NightLife.


Juan T. O’Naghten

CEO & Founder

“A great beer not only tells you a story, but helps add to your own personal story.”

I first experienced craft beer while stationed at Ft. Richardson near Anchorage, Alaska.  It was an eye opening experience as the beers helped solidify the memories of great times my Army friends and I would have on nights out.  After leaving the Army in 2010, I found that brewing beer (not just drinking it) was a great way to unwind and fell in love with the Craft.  I understood that the cornerstone to a great night was not only the people you surround yourself with, but the quality products you decide to imbibe at the time.


John Cooper

Production Manager & Founder

The first Craft Beer that I had was Dogfish Head Palo Santo at a bar in Baltimore in 2009.  I hated the first two to three sips of the beer, but ended up falling in love with it over the next four pints I had.  While attending the Hospitality School of  Florida International University and trying to become a sommelier my teacher recommended a Science of Brewing class.  Needless to say that I abandoned my hopes of becoming a sommelier because I fell in love with the process of making beer.  The first ten beers I brewed all tasted awful, but the process, combining the four main ingredients: water, yeast, hops, and grain that kept me going. Helping the four aforementioned ingredients come together in a beautiful beer is an incredible process that I became completely obsessed with.