From Coast to Coast: A Beer Lover’s Guide to U.S. Breweries




Explore the Ale Trail: Your Ultimate Guide to the United States’ Craft Beer Scene

Ever considered swapping the wine trail for an ale trail? Make your next road trip an adventure into the heart of America’s independent craft beer scene. Our guide is your passport to explore the most beloved brewpubs, beer gardens, and taprooms scattered across the country. Each entry is detailed with addresses, contact information, and websites for every brewery. I’ve also added personal recommendations and tips from friends to highlight some must-visit spots.

No matter your taste in beer—be it IPAs, pilsners, or wheat ales—there’s a brewery out there with your name on it.

In “Craft Beer Across the 50 States: A Brewery Odyssey,” I invite you on a journey that will transform your vacations into unforgettable explorations of local breweries. These establishments are not just about beer; they offer an experience that will linger in your memory long after your visit.

This book isn’t just a directory; it’s a travel companion for beer lovers looking to embark on a dedicated journey to sample unique local flavors. I provide you with practical travel advice, including daily itineraries and directions, organizing the breweries not just by state but in a way that you can logically follow the trail from one to the next, geographically within each state.

We delve deep into the art of beer enjoyment, covering every facet from the proper way to serve and store beer, to the intricacies of beer tasting. You’ll learn about selecting the right glassware for different beer types, and I’ll share insights into brewery and taproom etiquette to enhance your tasting experiences. Appreciating craft beer is an art, and with this guide, you’ll learn to articulate your experiences like a connoisseur.

Furthermore, this guide covers:

  • The rich history of beer in America
  • Guidelines on serving beer
  • The various glasses suited for beer and their significance
  • Tips on pouring and storage
  • A comprehensive guide on how to taste beer
  • An extensive beer style guide
  • Brewery visit etiquette
  • A detailed listing of state breweries, organized for easy navigation and travel planning
  • Suggested itineraries to help you get the most from your brewery tours
  • PLUS: A glossary of essential beer brewing terminology

This all-encompassing guide to America’s craft breweries is a treasure trove of information and makes the perfect present for the beer aficionado in your life.

Don’t miss out on this essential guide to America’s craft beer landscape. Click “Buy Now” and embark on a journey filled with the rich flavors and unique stories of breweries across the United States.


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